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Abshire Family photo

Abshire Family

"In March of 2022, we lost our beloved Maine Coon mix shortly before her 11th birthday from a sudden illness. At first, we weren't sure we would adopt another cat, but I started looking at posts from WV Coons and saw a litter had been born a week before Emily passed away. One little boy caught my eye and I had to meet him. From the moment we met, it was meant to be. I had such a great experience watching him grow and mature up until adoption day. The communication and updates were great! I felt like I was there with him the whole time which added to the excitement and anticipation of the day I could bring him home. We've had Jester for almost 6 months now and he's brought so much joy and love back into our home. I'm so thankful to have a responsible breeder that made us feel so involved and helped us bring such a sweet baby into our lives!"

Woody Family photo

Woody Family

"WVCoons is an amazing cattery located near Charleston, WV. We found them in the TICA website as listed as a reputable breeder of Maine Coon cats. From the beginning, communication was amazing. After an interview, we were very pleased with her mission on raising healthy well socialized kittens. She gave thorough instructions on care of the kitten with a welcome home pack to help ease the transition. We received a healthy happy kitten we named Dale. Dale is a well socialized single cat in our household. He is extremely smart and was easily trained. He walks on a leash, he fetches toys, he stays off counters, and only scratches his post. He allows us to groom him and trim his claws with no fuss. Dale recently had a virus. Our vet, who does not specialize in Maine Coon care, had treated it as a bacterial infection. Sylvia was available by messenger and helped us immensely with her vast knowledge of Maine Coon anatomy and health characteristics. She helped us throughout his bout with frequent messages. We could not have done it without her. WV Coons is a reputable safe breeder of these amazing creatures. I would highly recommend them."

Hernden Brown Family photo

Herndon-Brown Family

“We are so lucky to have found WVCoons! WVCoons is owned and managed with the highest of standards by Sylvia and her family. Our first initial form of communication was through a scheduled phone call. From that moment, we knew she was the perfect breeder. Her knowledge of Maine Coons is extensive and her kindness and friendship have made all the difference. We can not thank her enough for choosing us to raise such a special kitten (Boo Berry). Baby Boo is smart, loving, playful, and more than we could have asked for.  I am proud to say that our Maine Coon came from WVCoons! We look forward to welcoming another WVCoons kitten into our family in the near future.”

Graham family photo

Graham Family

"When I made the decision to adopt a cat, I knew that the breed that I was most interested in was the Maine Coon, so the research began! I wanted a local breeder and one that was registered.  I had the great fortune to discover WVCoons very early in my research and they were one of the first catteries that I reached out to.

WVCoons responded to my questions quickly and they were available for a discussion very quickly as well.  Their questions about the environment I would be bringing a Maine Coon into were appropriately cautious with concern about their kittens.  My questions about the breed and the requirements from them, the breeder, in allowing me to adopt their babies were answered quickly, honestly, and most importantly, gave me a sense that they truly cared for the kittens and the homes they were placed in.

I can’t recommend WVCoons enough for their communications throughout the process of adoption of two of their precious kittens.  I adopted a pair of siblings, male and female, about a month prior to their availability, and I received updates when each landmark was reached.  When the time came to adopt, the process could not have gone any smoother.  The kittens were up to date on vaccines, and I was provided with a binder of material on each, from how to register, expectations that WVCoons had of me the new cat companion, all very reasonable and easily accomplished.

Now for the most important part:  the two kittens I received were both healthy, litter trained, and incredibly social, especially considering that they were being removed from the only home they had ever known just to be thrust into a new and unknown environment.  Now at 6 months old, they continue to be healthy, came through spaying and neutering like champs, and are affectionate goofballs, in the best sense of the word; each with their own personality, craving affection and attention at times, but chilling and sleeping at other times to recharge their batteries.  The entire experience of adopting from WVCoons was excellent, from inquiry to delivery and beyond."

Windsor family photo

Windsor Family

"I wanted to share how amazing our cats, Draco and Callie, are from WVCoons! Sylvia, the breeder, was absolutely fantastic throughout the entire process. She kept us up-to-date with pictures and videos, and even accommodated our schedules on pickup day.

Draco, our orange tuxedo Maine Coon, and Callie, our silver torbie Maine Coon, are the absolute loves of our lives! They are so affectionate, playful, and downright silly at times. They bring so much joy and love to our home.

We are so grateful to WVCoons for breeding such incredible cats and bringing them into our lives. WVCoons will have our business for life, and we cannot recommend them enough. Sylvia and Frank are exceptional breeders with such great customer service. Trust me, if you're looking for a Maine Coon cat, WVCoons is without a doubt the way to go!"

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